5 Ways Intelligent Automation Optimizes Customer AND Agent Experience


Tuesday, November 19th ,  2019 at 1 PM EST

Making Agent Experience a Priority in a Customer-Focused World

The race to perfect customer experience left the employee behind. The self-service experience is simpler, automated, more intuitive, and the variety of channels is exploding. Employees, on the other hand, are dealing with product and service complexity while battling cluttered desktops and manual processes. Failure to recognize the link between employee and customer experience is costing you customers and profit.

While improving employee engagement and empowerment is the #1 priority for contact centers in 2019, it can’t be done without first unburdening your agents of complexity.

Join Lori Bocklund from Strategic Contact and Scott Merritt from Jacada to find out how to unburden your agents with intelligent automation technologies, and in return, optimize agent and customer experience. 

Webinar's Focus Points: 

Industry insights into the current and future agent engagement landscape.

Latest trends in intelligent automation technologies for the contact center and their impact on interactions.

Five best practices you can pursue to optimize your agent and customer experience.

A Jacada Webinar Featuring Strategic Contact :

Your Presenters:

Lori Bocklund is President of Strategic Contact, an independent consulting firm that helps companies optimize the value of their technology and operations. She became a consultant because she’s passionate about helping centers achieve their goals. She shares her 30+ years of experience through project work, articles, and seminars. 

Scott Merritt is a passionate advocate of “Responsible RPA” having spent the last 15 years embedded in the process optimization and RPA space performing over 100 process automation assessments and supporting over 50 RPA implementations.

Lori Bocklund
President – Strategic Contact, Inc.
Strategic Contact

Scott Merritt
Vice President, Global Head of Automation

Tuesday, November 19th ,  2019 at 1 PM EST


Tuesday, November 19th ,  2019 at 1 PM EST