The Rules of Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Listen to industry experts define Omnichannel and how to prepare your organization for omnichannel customer engagement

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  • A clear and definitive explanation of the term Omnichannel
  • Why enterprises should approach the omnichannel challenge progressively
  • Who within an organization should lead the push for Omnichannel Customer Engagement
  • How to evolve from multichannel to omnichannel 
  • Trends in Customer Experience product innovation
  • How to earn customer loyalty by making it easy for them to do business with you

Jeremy Cox

Principal Analyst

Customer Engagement Team

As part of Ovum’s Customer Engagement team, Jeremy leads the research and insights into CRM and its potential for spearheading customer-driven business transformation (the customer-adaptive enterprise). With over 15 years’ CRM strategy development and implementation experience, on the inside (IBM) and as a consultant, he is well placed to support enterprises on their next-generation customer transformation journey.


Tom Smith

Manager, CX Product Innovation

Contact Center Innovation Team

As the head of Verizon's IP Contact Center Innovation team, Tom owns the company's IPCC, IP IVR, and Speech Services portfolios, and is responsible for the evaluation, development, and market launch of new customer experience offerings. He will share insights gained from over 15 years of working with enterprises to reduce contact center costs while improving the user experience.

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