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What Makes an Exceptional 

Customer Service Bot? 

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Real Time Collaboration
If a customer chooses to speak with an agent, the agent can walk them through shared documents and images in real time through a dual digital and voice collaboration.
  • The bot framework approach for its ability to build once, deploy and manage across multiple channels: 
    • Intelligent Customer Assistant, pivoting calls to a self-service interaction, and providing human-like conversational, personalized experience to customers that extends beyond simple question answering.  
    • Intelligent Agent Assistant, working side-by-side with the agents to provide real-time, contextual guidance, answer questions and automate manual processes - while agents are interacting with customers.    
  • Automation as a critical component of Intelligent Assistant bots - managing process automation and next best action guidance. Automated, conversational interactions that enable customers to self-serve effectively, and free agents to focus on the customer and the outcome.     

Meet The Panel 

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky
Author with Opus Research of Intelligent Assistance and Bot Market landscape 
Founder & Principal of CaCube Consulting 

Nicolas De Kouchkovsky is a recognized industry expert in customer engagement and customer service. He is a fractional CMO helping small and midsize software companies. Nicolas was previously CMO at Genesys, driving the company’s expansion into the broader multi-channel contact center market.  He is also the author together with Opus Research of the Intelligent Assistance and Bot Market landscape. 


Join a Q&A Webinar featuring guest speaker, Nicolas De Kouchkovsky

Wednesday, April 25 at 1 PM EST


Wednesday, April 25 at 1 PM EST

Grill our panel of experts on your burning questions related to chatbots, Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Submit your question today!

On The Agenda

Kumaran heads up solution marketing and solution consulting at Jacada to influence product innovation and go-to-market strategy for Jacada's pioneering solutions. Previously, he held senior leadership positions in pre-sales, sales operations, professional services and product management at Jacada. Besides taking on customer experience challenges, Kumaran enjoys advising non-profits on using technology to drive cause marketing and helping technology start-ups develop compelling go-to-market strategies. 

Kumaran Shanmuhan
Vice President of Solutions, Jacada

Dylon Mills is the Product Marketing Director for Jacada. As such, Dylon’s main responsibilities are to strategize, create and deliver content for Jacada’s product portfolio that align with the global Go-To-Market strategy, corporate positioning, and marketing campaigns. He spends most of his days learning of new strategies and methods for improving the interactions between customers and the organizations they interact with. More specifically, Dylon is interested in how the evolution of digital resources can positively impact customer support experiences as well as the organizations bottom line. 

Dylon Mills

Product Marketing Director, Jacada

Wednesday, April 25 at 1 PM EST

Let’s debug the chatbot buzz and discuss:

  • Why do chatbot deployments fail and what are the critical steps for a successful project?
  • With so many chatbot vendors out there, how to make sense of the market and pick your short-list?
  • How to balance automation and self-service initiatives?
  • Is AI better for helping customers or assisting agents?
  • How are your callers benefiting from all this AI?

Intelligent Assistance Benefits At A Glance

  • NLP Agnostic:  Dialogflow, Watson,, MSFT
  • Integrations to any back-end systems, leveraged across all channels
  • Rich UI
  • Low coding to drive business agility
  • Build once and use in multiple clients, to drive simplification and standardization across channels

Along with your questions, we will be exploring WHAT MAKES A BOT EXCEPTIONAL?

Join our panel of experts for an interactive Q&A session where YOU create the questions on chatbots, Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Additional Key Discussion Points:

Intelligent Assistance and Bot Market Specialist

Former Genesys CMO

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