What's Next for Digital Customer Service?


Martin Hill-Wilson
Founder, Brainfood Consulting


Martin is a customer engagement and beyond silo business strategist. He is also an author, international keynote speaker and chair.  

Brainfood Consulting delivers a range of master classes and interventions.
Current topics include seeding empowered service cultures, designing an intelligent omni-channel ecosystem, using intelligent assistance & bots for digital engagement, reinventing service for social, mobile consumers.  All targeted at delivering disruptive service innovation. 

Martin is also a founding member of Beyond Silos - a group of specialist practitioners offering design and delivery service for embedding customer hubs  - ‘the only way to thrive in a digital economy’.


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  • The impact of intelligent assistance
  • The importance of proactive service
  • The repositioning of live assistance 


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Contact centers are the top touchpoint in a digital economy. It's where digital and human assistance needs to be expertly blended. It's where the needs of customers are anticipated and resolved ahead of time. It’s the place that makes customer outcomes easy or frustrating.  It’s a key experience that either bonds and repels customers in their relationship with your brand.

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Case Study Webinar

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at 1:00 pm EST / 5pm GMT


Join Martin Hill-Wilson, customer engagement strategist, for a fully interactive session on:

Join us on May 3rd, 2017 at 1 PM EST (5 PM GMT), as renowned customer engagement strategist, Martin Hill-Wilson, shares the latest actionable items on:

Responding to new digital consumer behavior
•Crafting an effective engagement strategy
•Keeping both desktop and smart phone customers happy
•The importance of proactive service
•The impact of intelligent assistance on self service adoption
•The repositioning of live assistance

"Martin is not just clever, creative, motivational and generous, he clearly has access to a real-life crystal ball and is willing to share what he can see! He is a strategic visionary..."

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